Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Assisted Humility

The door frames have been widened, the elevator is in.
Electric wires, like raw nerves, have been grafted by plaster skin.
For one moon the house hemorrhaged dust,
Its bones were sawn clean through
But do it they said me must.
Still you walk, run and jump. It seems all in vain;   
Past, Present, Forward, and around and around again.
Stay in the moment, but prepare for future needs.
Don't expect a harvest, but do plant the seeds.
When walking is an impossibility and hugging a thing of the Past,
Even breathing will be an act of assisted humility.
Memories of before the Disability,
Those will last, but will they make mockery of the powers taken away,
Or be filled with Joy and Gratitude that we kicked the loving shit out of Yesterday?

Mind in Clarity, a prisoner of the body encased in cement.
Grasp at optimism or lapse into despairing torment?
Pray for a miracle or a medical breakthrough?
Invest Hope in research or in divine placations of a Church?
No matter, because you're damned if you don't and damned if you do.

What lies beneath truths untold?


  1. like it!
    thinking of you!

  2. andrea,

    Assisted humility- i am humbled by what you have shared, but it is impossible for me to grasp

  3. I hope you will share more of these heavy gems, needs to be said...

  4. Andrea,

    Only recently I noticed that when you sent pictures of your renos, a few of them had not displayed . I had seen how extensive the construction work was, but when I saw these additional pics my jaw dropped. This was more major than I first imagined.
    The photos made your ''What Lies Beneath'' post even more poignant...

    The modified Darwin drawing, is that your creation? It hit me like a punch in the sternum and left me speechless...

    1. I "borrowed" the Disabled Darwin from the net.
      Hope your sternum forgives me.

  5. Wow...poetry for thought.