Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ode To The Unborn

One thing can be said:
Unborn is NOT Dead.
It’s a state of Undying,
Evolution’s fate untying.
A loss of potential.
Blame your Karma credentials.

Hold tight to the mystery of the unknown,
For we don't always reap what was sown.
How could creation of glorious union
Implode in such utter confusion?
The stirrings of Life
begat by desire of man and wife.
The Big Bang in reverse,
The order of things perverse.

I think of you sometimes, not often
In your wee yellow Tupperware coffin.
The rest swirled down the drain
Like so much bloody rain.
A torrential expulsion, but no repulsion.
A Google search of the Internet;
About 12 weeks is my estimate.

Our journey together was not to be;
My Dear Unborn, you are free.
You never really did exist,
In absentia, you are missed.


  1. Very moving, Dry. Thanks for sharing your unknown but not undead.

  2. Gut ist der Schlaf. Der Tod ist besser. Freilich
    das beste wäre nie geboren sein
    -Morphine by Heinrich Heine

    ["Sleep is good. death is better. Obviously--
    the best would be never to have been born".]

    Not sure I agree--on good days, anyway--but he was a great poet and there are bad days too, afterall...

    I like the poem. I think a a lot of women would read it.

    John O.