Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A receipt in my jeans hip-pocket;
Professional fees paid for services rendered.
The needed reminder that someone, at least,
is in my corner today.
That old bully Self Doubt crept up from behind
and bitter tears began to well.                                    
I fished for a kleenex and hooked that
forgotten little paper from the week before.
Folded in half and then half again with the faint
scent of cedar, or is it lemon geraniums?
Who cares?
The fiery immensity of its meaning
melts words of gratitude into non-sense.
That thin little page ripped from
a booklet of a million more;
Representing mutual benefit, shared aim?
Who knows?
Tactile evidence of four seasons of intro-spection.
I had lost my way, too dizzy to find my bearings.
You lead me to the cross-roads and gently letting go
of my hand, let me know that any which way I chose
to go would be okay.
I turn and wave adieu, give a little pat
to the receipt in my pocket and continue on my way.
Services rendered, indeed, My Friend.


  1. If I understood the meaning correctly, then this is gratitude expressed in a most original way. The unique Wandrea way.
    If I were the professional and saw this poem, I would be touched beyond words and would feel profound happiness knowing that those four seasons were beneficial to my client.
    "Tactile evidence of four seasons of intro-spection." Money, time and energy well invested.
    You gave a pat to the receipt in your pocket, now give YOURSELF a pat on the back...

  2. L, (a.k.a Golden Boobs)
    You understand perfectly, you always do. I thank you too for all the years of your "professional" advice.

  3. --From one who renders services--

    The bittersweet recompense
    for time spent caring
    eludes an economy of compassion
    (pity those who mete it out in measured doses
    and cannot taste it!)
    for there is no receipt, no calculation
    of benefit or gain
    for something freely given

  4. Dear Anon,
    Thank you once and always for your altruistic response.

  5. For Loose-E,

  6. Andrea,
    Every time I get your blog I am reminded that you are a natural born writer. You should write a book one day.
    P.S. Call me if you wish tonight, I'll be up until 9pm.

  7. 1- Was visiting your comments page last night. Aaww, Lucy in her booth was always my favorite character. Smile SmileSmile

    2- Is "One who renders services" ever good with words too!!! Such a beautiful response.

    3- I agree with Audra's comment.

    Wanda, I can't belieeeeve you put "GOLDEN BOOBS" in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(LMAO!!)