Monday, January 9, 2012

Oranges and Peas

A sag here and a bag there,
Everywhere some white hair.
FYI, that's NOT a wrinkle,
It's simply a laugh crinkle!                       
Mirror, mirror, looking-glass,
Please kiss my orange-peel ass.
Age-spots sprout up at will
I'm weak in the knees;
Regretfully not from the thrill.
Sweetheart, when you dismount from the couch
To raid the fridge for a snack,
Can you bring me a bag of frozen peas  for my back?
I think I pulled a muscle today during meditation
And it'll help ease the pain.
That reminds me, did you take your medication?
Oh, and while you're up Dear,
your falling hair has blocked the bathroom drain. Again.
Now where did I put my glasses?
Must you blame the dog whenever some wind passes?

All joking aside, we've had one hell of a ride
Down a long, bumpy road.
To you, My Love, my love is owed.
Though if we possibly can,
I'd like to arrange for a long-term installment plan?


  1. Very funny and sweet...but you write like you are old! When I met you and JF I was a little shocked at how young you both look to me. There is only one escape from old age, and you are the last person who least needs to be told what that is, but treasure your youth and don't age yourself prematurely, for you are still young and beautiful and this world will need you for some time yet.

    John O.

  2. I really enjoyed the humor. A chuckle here and a chuckle there, everywhere a chuckle. :-)

    The reader may wrongly get the impression that you're quite older than you are. It's actually interesting that these words were written by someone still so young. An effect of that "long bumpy road" perhaps...

    Love the very last line!!

    Something strange about the rubber-meets-the-road picture. Only one tire track, a bit wide for a motorcycle. Makes you think and wonder, which I always like.


    "Along the Bumpy Road"

    Dirt road b&w

    We should not feel embarrassed by our difficulties, only by our failure to grow anything beautiful from them. ~~Alain de Botton

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