Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Blues

It wasn’t for an eternity
Just a week or two
I’d misplaced my rose-coloured-glasses
The world was tinted blue.

Unwelcome certainties and uncertain worries
Seeped out from the walls.
Old grievances peered from under the rugs
And skittered down the halls.

Sheets and undies were washed and folded
Appointments were made, mouths were fed
The path was cleared of snow
Desires were satisfied in bed.

Thoughts too dull  for words to be written.
Soul was twice shy, once bitten.
Winter, you whispered sweet-nothings in my ear
Why couldn’t you tell me what I wanted to hear?

February knocked at the window,
The blue haze began to shift
The Sun’s spectrum burst from the snowdrops
Wrapped simple experience like a gift.

For it’s not those rosy old spectacles
That painted reality anew
It’s an open mind and heart
Somehow I always knew.


1 comment:

  1. Winter Blues: sure can relate!!! Happens every year around this time. But you have such a brilliant, original way of painting the picture... Love the blue-bird image you chose. (That poem would deserve to be published) I particularly LOVE the second-to-last stanza, "February knocked at the window, The blue haze began to shift. The Sun's spectrum burst from the snowdrops, Wrapped simple experience like a gift." Truly amazing beauty in those words!