Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lucky 13

I tried to write a poem for our wedding anniversary
But each path of words led to potential controversy.
Misunderstandings, I 've had enough;
Why stir the seas when the water is already rough?
Here we go:

I kissed you first because you were a wee bit shy.
For the rest I made you wait, though I can't recall why.
Now it's Lucky 13, legally speaking
Going on 20 years, if we count the early housekeeping.

The light produced from our sovereignty-association
Sparked 2 perfect little beings of pure illumination.

The butterflies in the tummy have all migrated down South
But echoes of their fluttering linger with the touch of your mouth.

I chose you then, I choose you now
Of this you have my solemn vow.
Man-Of-My-Heart, that you touch in more ways than one;
Lucky 13, we have only just begun...


  1. So much love and beauty in those lines.
    My favorite words: "2 perfect little beings of pure illumination." Aaaaaww... :-)
    And funny how you used the words "sovereignty-association" on this PQ election night, lol!...

  2. This poem's sweet
    and a nosy friend's treat

    spare me your wrath
    but I can do math

    13 it's been
    7 in sin

    John O.
    September 5,2012