Saturday, October 22, 2011

In A Twinkling

The sun shone while it rained,
Liquid silver drops fell from the sky.
It was not sprinkling, it was actually twinkling.
The light on the left warmed my face while the
Water from the right cooly caressed my cheek.
Contradictory signals were sent to the spine,
Who responded in kind with a shiver.
A pleasure seizure, not quite Sweet Death
But rather a sensory rebirth, a power surge.
'This is life' I think as I continue my walk,
Actually slowing my stilted pace.
People driving past think I am nuts                
And I think they may be correct.
Sometimes it rains, and sometimes it's sunny.
Often it's both, depending on where you stand.
It's a decade of drought, followed by a
Deluge out of the blue.
And you just have to go with the flow.
Throats choked with dust still ache for a drink
As the Volvos and Sony 52 inch flat screens
And the StarBucks cups float by.
Good buys. Good bye.
Things can change in a twinkling.


  1. Thanks for the contradictory signals to my spine.

    John O.

  2. Hi Andrea,
    I love this poem. Very buddhist. I'll reread it when times are overcast. There's always a sunny break eventually.

  3. I sometimes feel like calling you Volcandrea. As "volcanoes are awesome manifestations of the fiery power contained deep within the Earth", so is your creative writing, from deep within your Soul...

  4. Dear L,
    Thank you. Yes, I am full of molten lava all right (...or something...). But that you already knew.