Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue and Green

Sky so blue, so clear
Wind crisp and light
The trees dance with the sunshine
Swaying with green delight.          
Or is it a constant fear of
Falling apart in a storm 
That makes them tremble with fright ?
Your two skies are a moody blue,
Like the calm river surface
With the murderous current beneath
They gaze upon me, with love? concern? affection?
See me, and feel our unique connection
I can only know my skies from the inside
Looking out. But I like what I see.
Monocular vision they say
Flat and one-dimensional , like
These words I lay on the page.
With much love? concern? affection?
Growing stronger with age.
Our roots run long and reach deep,
These trees and you & I.
Don’t want to have to say goodbye.
Let’s weather the storms together
With much love, concern, affection.

p.s. Je t’aime toujours

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