Thursday, July 14, 2011

Precious Quick-sand

Shins dotted purple and blue
With bruises of variable hue
Gastrocnemius swollen tight
AnkleFootOrthotics strapped on every night
Tummy out, shoulders thrown back
Waddling  like a penguin white and black
Balance is off, appetite is not
Damned Deflazacort  and that cake Grandma brought
Joyous green eyes, messy golden hair
Oh this is so not fair
Little brother is taller and runs so fast
There are not as many friends as in the past
Wheelchairs and scooters are only cool for awhile
Nowhere to hide, no more denial
« Duchenne » it says on the file
Hold on tight to my hand   
As we journey across this quick-sand
A beautiful life these 11 precious years
Both bliss and pain bring colorless tears


  1. no matter what happens
    breath happens
    nothing never happens
    this blog is happening!
    i happen to like it

    - john o.

  2. Thank you, kind Sir.
    Remember, 10% of nothing is better than nothing, because someone has thought of you.
    You can sleep in my Oldsmobile any time you need, seriously.

  3. no words no words heart opens it is precious quicksand

    July 16, 2011

  4. Dear Andrea,
    My eyes are full of tears when reading this. Though late, I'd like to say "Happy birthday to Simon". Take care of him and take care of yourself.
    With love, Trinh